All About Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening refers to the teeth whitening procedures that are performed by certified cosmetic dentists. Thus, this procedure is a procedure that is carried out and executed effectively.

To perform simple professional teeth whitening, dentists apply a whitening agent to the patient's teeth. Bleaching is considered to be the best bleaching option. For more information about tooth whitening, you can visit

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Professional teeth whitening procedures can be divided into those performed by dentists in the office and those performed at home. Professional teeth whitening systems contain urea peroxide, which is the same ingredient as home teeth whitening kits.

The only difference between the two lies in concentration. Most over-the-counter kits contain 10% urea peroxide solution or less, while urea lightening gel concentrations usually start at 15%.

Professional teeth whitening methods are completely safe and do not cause dangerous side effects. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity for a while. However, symptoms are temporary and usually go away after treatment.

Clinical studies show that about one in twenty users is sensitive to teeth and gums. Therefore, patients should use professional teeth whitening tools. Also, professional tooth whitening can be performed in one sitting, and it produces immediate results. 

As far as reliability and safety are concerned, professional tooth whitening is undoubtedly the better choice.