Eating For Eye Health – The Benefits Of Beef Liver For Better Vision

When it comes to eye foods we only think of nutrition for eye health from the point of view of fruits and vegetables. However, some foods that are rich in protein are also important in improving eye health. An example of a protein-rich food that is good for your eyes is beef liver.

Beef liver is an example of healthy meat that you can eat to improve your vision health. For example, 68-gram slices of the liver contain only 6% of your daily recommended allowance for saturated fat. 

Beef Liver

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Additionally, it contains 2% of measles daily recommended allowance for sodium only. This eye food is abundant in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential amino acids.

This eye food has good sources of vitamins A and B in terms of nutrient boosting vision; nutrients that are essential in improving healthy vision. 

Therefore, there are some common and eye health benefits of beef liver for maximum health:

  • Eye Health Benefits: Beef liver is a source of vitamin A, also called retinol, due to the fact that it is a pigment in the eyes found in the retina. Vitamin A is known to improve vision conditions like night blindness. It also shows promise in improving symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome.
  • Preventive Medicine for Anemia: If you are suffering from iron deficiency anemia, then the liver is good food that can help in curing the condition naturally. This is due to the fact that it also contains iron, folate, vitamin B12, and vitamin A.