Find a Construction Job in Malaysia

The construction sector plays a vital role in the economic development of a country by contributing to the gross revenue, capital formation and by generating employment opportunities. This ultimately contributes to the GDP and the socio-economic development of the country.

The Growing need for manpower in the construction sector:

In the rapidly progressing construction sector, the ratio of skilled workers is much lower than the percentage of unskilled labourers. If you want to go to Malaysia to get more info about construction industry then you need a visa. You can apply eVISA or eNTRI visa for Malaysia online.

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The economic growth in Malaysia has created a regular and increasing demand for manpower in all sectors of the economy, especially in agriculture, construction and manufacturing sectors. This industry itself provides jobs for approximately 800,000 people across the country.

However, manpower is one of the greatest challenges faced by Malaysian construction industry, with a continuous reliance on foreign labours in the sector. Manpower is recruited from developing countries such as China, Philippines, India, and Indonesia to work in construction jobs.

Unskilled construction jobs in Malaysian area are often seen as a way out of poverty and unemployment. Many farmers without land, individuals in crisis and financial distress seek the refuge of the growing demand for skilled labour for construction jobs in Malaysia.