Guide To Company Registration In Bali

A company registered and established under previous company law. In general idiom, the company is a voluntary association of people formed to undertake the role of business, have limited liability, and a different name.

At registration, the company is able to have the rights, property, duty, and raises the need for himself.

Type of business registration can be registered using Form INC-29 as

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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Private Limited Company

Company producer

One Person Company (OPC)

Processes and steps may be different in various forms. But, they share many of the same processes. The registration process may also vary from country to country. But, for the initial start-up, the general shape is that of a private company. This may be either a partnership or a sole proprietorship / LLPs.


the name of your company is one of the most important parts of your business. I need to convey a specific message clearly and efficiently. Your company name is your brand, it makes people would associate with your services. So the first step is getting your company listed with the approval of your name.

After the registration of the company name to be done. A company becomes a legal entity. It is necessary to have a name that should be identified.

Memorandum of Association (MOA) must state the name of your company. In the case of a public limited company, the name must end with 'limited'. A private limited company, the name must end with a 'private limited'.