How Does the Water Purification System Work?

Water purification system works in order to remove all the impurities from the water which can harm your health. There are numerous impurities that can harm your health. Elements like magnesium, lead are present in tap water in a great amount which can harm your health. Moreover there are various other bacterias that can cause stomach infections or issues. Water purification systems can be purchased online and offline. You must be aware about certain things while choosing the best water purification system for your home. For your convenience you can buy a water filter system online at

Water purification system has a specific process according to which the water is made free from impurities. The process of water purifiers can be simply understood as:

– Pre filter – The first component of the water filtration system. This removes dirt, chlorine content and other sediments present in water.

– RO membrane: It is the second stage of the water purification system. At this point all the contaminants are treated and removed from the water. Then water is sent to the storage tank.

– Storage tank: It contains and stores all the treated water for dispensing. It is important to check the storage tank capacity before buying any water filter.

– Post filter: It is the component to dispense the water from the storage tank to the dispersal line and is responsible for removing the bad odor from the water.

– Drain line: This is the point from where you get the purified water dispensed in your glass.