How To Optimize Your Brain

Dead time is the time you spent doing nothing. Examples of these are waiting in line and driving. Instead of letting time pass by without any merit, you can make use of it to boost your brain power. Download audio books and listen to them when your mind is not occupied by other things. You can also read some novels if the situation allows you to.

Language – They say that bilinguals have more brain power than people who can only speak one language. This makes sense. If you want to increase your brain power then you can check

Language is a whole new thing to learn and being able to master more than one will give your brain a lot of training. This is because learning a language does not only entail grammar or vocabulary but pronunciations and cultural contexts as well.

Writing – You do not have to be a writer to write. In fact, all people can write about just everything they want to cover. If you have free time, write a journal or a short story. If you are feeling creative, create your own poems or fiction plots. Writing will really exercise your brain and will help you become more creative.

Sleep – This is very important to have a healthy and functional brain. When you are sleep deprived, your cognitive skills will gradually decline. This is the reason why people who lack sleep become forgetful and think slowly at times.