Information On Latest Solar Technology

Solar energy can be utilized in a number of ways to help mankind. There are some latest solar technologies are currently being discussed. One such technology is for Inkjet printer technology.

This new technology cuts pollution and waste as much as 90%. Further research is needed but a variety of low cost high performance thin solar cells will be possible in the coming years. You need to check these references are useful and constantly updated themselves with solar news. You can know more about solar technology via

The advantage of this type of product is a dramatic reduction in other waste generated in the previous model said Chih-hung Chang leader in the field. The inkjet technology does not use chemical deposition on a pattern but uses a very low cost technique to produce a pattern. This work has been published in professional journals with a patent applied for invention.

Another important discovery is that the organic photovoltaic cells:

Assistant professor Qiquan in SDSU's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science said that organic solar cells are less expensive than traditional electricity harnessing solar technology. They also are working on organic light emitting diodes.

The beauty of these cells is their capacity to be produced at low cost and more energy. These cells are produced by the fabrication of materials with low-cost solutions to produce eco-friendly energy and more renewable world. This ease of lowering production costs to a significant extent.

A newcomer in this field gold plated solar cells developed by a research group at the University of Warwick. At first it may seem that this is not going to be cheap but the thickness of gold is only of the order of 8 billion meters.