Interesting Facts on Scuba Diving

Scuba refers to Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Air assisted underwater exploration was first born around the 1700s when scuba pioneers used dive bells and sealed suits whilst the air was pumped from the surface. But this is a luxury available to a couple of leaders.

It's only with the progress in technology that people could learn more about the seas employing self-contained underwater breathing devices. You can learn and experience scuba diving at Atlantic Edge Scuba.

 Interesting Facts on Scuba Diving

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The rest came in the 1960's subsequent years of study and experimental testing from the mythical Jacques-Yves Cousteau where the aqualung was created therefore sport diving was made available to individuals just like me and you.

Scuba diving equipment continued to evolve afterward inside the 1970s and scuba systems have been improved by the addition of buoyancy compensation devices, enhanced valves, and pressure gauges.

Through these technological improvements, scuba diving has ballooned as a recreational game. Scuba systems have been advancing through Engineering and innovation in designing to supply safer, dependable and more comfortable gear.

Because of this, scuba diving is so gaining popularity and is now recognized as one of the most significant outdoor recreational pursuits and consequently, is becoming a multimillion-dollar business.

Even though you might have noticed documentaries, videos or photographs of this underwater world, you'll shortly find out it is fairly impossible to get a non-diver to fully appreciate or know what scuba diving is all about.

Besides seeing exquisite and interesting aquatic animals firsthand, the sensations you encounter when you breathe underwater and sense of floating weightless are exceptional to diving.