Is Dead Sea Salt You Should Be Using in Your Drinking Water?

Bath salts is a mixture of several different minerals. This type of salt is created from the sedimentary rock that has formed in the Middle East.

Dead Sea salt is a combination of mineral deposits from the surrounding area as well as other minerals that have accumulated over time. The composition of the material can vary greatly from oceanic rock to sandstone to slabs and blocks.

When the water that fills the basin rises in elevation, salt is forced to drain out. This type of water pressure is not as strong as water that drains from lakes and rivers. For this reason, Dead Sea salt has a higher density than that of oceanic rock.

The majority of the bath salts from Dead Sea salt is made up of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. Some of the more common chemicals found in this salt include magnesium chloride, sodium chloride and potassium iodide. This sea salt has an exceptional ability to absorb moisture and form a thin film over it. This film is known as the "sludge".

Water absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, the ground water. Once the water dries it sinks to the bottom of the reservoir. The amount of water that can sink is limited by gravity and the thickness of the deposit.

The salt in the reservoir is then removed by pumping. Water is pumped into the reservoir by gravity as well as through wells. During the pumping process, water is added to the reservoir to create a layer of the Dead Sea Salt on the inside of the well.

After the salt is added, the water in the reservoir is drained back into the Well. The water that is drained back into the reservoir is pumped again by gravity into the reservoir, thus repeating the cycle.

Over a period of time, the water in the reservoir will become too salty for use in your home and you may need to add Dead Sea Salt. to increase the salinity and reduce the moisture content of your home's water.

When this salt is added, it acts to stabilize the water level in the well. Water tends to move out of wells if the water level is not balanced. Adding Dead Sea salt to your water line can reduce this movement and allow your water to remain in the well.

This salt also acts as a de-mineralizer. The salt helps to remove calcium and magnesium from the water. In addition, calcium and magnesium are necessary for the proper functioning of your drinking water purification system. These minerals can cause the water to taste and smell bad if they are not removed.

If you wish to add the salt to your water supply, you can purchase a system that includes a pump that pulls it from the reservoir. or a unit that uses a pump that is installed in the well. In either case, you should be aware that Dead Sea salt is not as pure as many people believe. You should not put the salt directly in your drinking water.

The salt should not contain more than one percent of the natural Dead Sea salt, in order to provide the best possible taste and flavor for your water. The higher the percentage, the better the taste and quality of your water.

Most pumps that are designed to remove the salt from your drinking water do not contain this much salt. You may also find that the unit that is used by the well does not contain enough.

Your well water should always be checked for its salinity at least once a month. To prevent the Dead Sea salt from leeching into your drinking water, you should check it about once a month. to ensure that there is no de-mineralization. occurring. Once a month you should also flush the Well, if you believe that it is contaminated.