Know How to Catch A Possum?

Possum is a creature that most of us here in Australia will be more than familiar with. Possums are marsupials and usually make their nests in hollow trees or Borrows which previously has been home to other animals. Although on the face of it they appear quite attractive to them a pest, especially if they enter your home. They are likely to find life under the decking in your roof space, warehouse or other places that was quite interesting.

Thanks to their biology that are classified as unspecialized, they are very flexible and vary their diet, not to mention their reproductive habits, possum or possums because they are sometimes called, are occupiers experts and survivors. You can check out possum control in Sydney for getting more information about the pest.

Catching possum is something of a challenge and you will no doubt have heard the phrase "playing possum". The creature associated with the spontaneous reaction when they are scared and threatened – they just play dead. It gives you some indication of how difficult it is to capture the creature. It is far from being dangerous and Burrowing they can be very damaging.  

How do you get rid of them?

One of the most common methods is to use a trap. This needs to be placed in areas where there are signs of activity such as digging. This may be in various locations around your property and in this case you will need to place a variety of traps.  

Possum will eat pretty much anything that covers your waste, but as a general rule, they tend to go for things that tend to smell! Fish and pet food cans, for example, is a particular favorite while many people claim that apple alternative that does not have an odor. One key tip with your bait is to rub it in, around traps to get the highest level of interest.