Many Uses of Solid Tyres

The likeliest place you will find solid tyres in antique cars and in carriage wheels. However, some designs of wheelchairs meant to help elderly people remain ambulatory indoors use phoenix solid tyres with an insert to prevent flats.

This is because stability is a vital consideration and you don’t want the wheelchair to accidentally tip over. Phoenix Solid tyres help to make the wheelchair stable enough to prevent falls. This factor leads certain people to put in solid tyres instead of pneumatic ones in the two wheelers too.

Add to that you don’t have to fear being stranded far from home or office due to a puncture. This is because solid tyres are made from a solid rubber compound and are puncture proof. Some people are even experimenting with using solid tyres instead of caster wheels under office chairs.¬†

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This is since more people are facing issues like vertigo originating from cervical spondylosis  caused by long periods of hunching in front of a computer. So they definitely need a chair which is both easily movable without worrying about stability.

Transporters and materials managers who use forklifts extensively also know that in specific conditions solid tyres are preferred over pneumatic and polyurethane ones. 

Solid forklift tires are great for indoor use or light outdoor use since they do not go flat or pop like the pneumatic ones. The greatest quality of solid tyres is their durability. Solid tyres can enhance the general efficiency of any vehicle.