Recover Deleted Files – Data Recovery From A Damaged Hard Drive

Whether it's for an office, a school or a business, data loss can be tragic for most people. Even the loss of personal things like precious family pictures is already a headache. System crashes, virus assaults, unexpected power surges all affect the hard drive and make files corrupt, lost or damaged and leave you needing to recover deleted files. You can also browse to for file data recovery services.

It is better to check if the hard drive is affected. What caused the system to crash? It may be new hardware or software that is not compatible with the computer. Try to unplug the device and restart the computer. A normal start-up indicates that the hardware is indeed the problem.

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If it still does not start-up normally, press the F8 key while the Windows is rebooting to start it in safe mode. If it reaches the log-in screen, then the problem may be related to new software. Before proceeding to the next step, already make a backup of the other remaining files.

You can also fix the problem using system restore which resets the settings but there is no guarantee you will get your files back and recover deleted files.

If the first step did not work at all, then you can try another method to try to save lost data. Take off all the cables and USB wires and open the case to find the hard drive. Make sure that all the cables are plugged into the right place.

You can also try to switch with one cable from another and see if this will work. If the problem still exists, then it is time to accept that there is something wrong with the hard drive. If your hard drive is OK your best bet is to use cheap data recovery software so you can recover deleted files quickly.