Refined Luxury Architectural Cabin Decor and Furniture

Sophisticated rustic luxury farmhouses are stylishly designed with elements from nature. Neat wooden huts surround their rural nature and create a holistic and relaxed atmosphere. Decorative elements such as antique teak arches, old-style handicrafts, and recycled wood panels are used to enhance the cabin style. 

Old-world “wood architectural designs” (which is also known as “trearkitektoniske design” in Norwegian language) for outdoors in the interior have large teak doors and large smooth carvings with rough wooden columns, blankets made of natural wood, and arched windows connecting. 

The cozy warmth of a wooden hut, which is designed with a majestic curved arch, has a very dramatic effect. Floorboards, wooden fences with Anglo-Indian wood carvings, and patina separate from the rustic cupboard doors give a retro impression that enters and leads into the living room in the magnificent shack. 

With updated furniture and handmade natural furniture, we are environmentally friendly and choose recycled materials. Holistic renovations maintain original tree trunks and save dying trees in the yard for columns, wooden floors, and wall tiles. 

The restored old forest contributes to the rustic beauty of the rustic cottage and combines luxury with deliberate design. Antique doors, arches, old-world architecture, columns, reclaimed wood bumpers, old wooden door consoles, rustic furniture, cotton throws,  handmade coffee tables, and natural designs.