Selection Of A Cannabis Plant

As the flowering phase of the donor plants begins to develop you will start to get which individuals are of most interest to you.

All of us have our own particular preferences, but the main qualities you will be looking for break down to six main categories. You can also opt for clones for sale in Los Angeles at Mendo Bros.

• Germinate and grow as many seeds as possible to get a good sample.

• When the young plants are ready, take one cut at a time and mark accordingly.

• When finished, place the native plants that are in bloom.

• Remove all males and their respective clones.

• If the clone becomes too large to handle while the native plants are in bloom, replace them with clones of the clone.

• Remove clones that correspond to individual plants that do not have the characteristics you need.

• Collect, dry and heal your native plants. Choose the person you want the most:

• Branches associated with this person are the ones you want, or delete all their clones or flowers (trash does not want :);

• Do not flower the clones you have selected. These are your mother plants and can produce many generations of cuttings over the years.

However, before discussing parent attachment, it is worth mentioning another cloning system that is practiced by individuals who have no space to grow the mother plant, who have limited time, or who are not interested in the whole process of parent selection.