Sugar Scrub is Where Its At!

Every woman wants you to see the ideal skin in magazines and television. Of course, the model does not have a full skin as age, lifestyle and environment leave their mark on every color. The model has talented makeup artists and photographers who make their look flawless.

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Sugar Scrub is Where Its At!

Nevertheless, we each dream of having a clear silky complexion, and so we come to the makeup counter at the department store and disturb the aisle of facial products. We buy exaggerated chemical-rich Goop in beautiful bottles and hope for the best.

Why buy into the media hype and glorious images when a handful of Chinese can accomplish the same result? Well, as close to perfection as any of us can achieve. Sugar is loaded with natural alpha-hydroxy acids.

When used as a face or body scrub, it leaves the skin soft and smooth like a baby’s buttock. It is cheap, natural, can be used on all skin types, is hypo-allergenic, and is edible as well! (If your significant other accompanies you in the shower).

You start using a homemade sugar scrub when you notice that the aging skin was beginning to appear on your throat. You’re in for a great deal, so you’ll never have a porcelain complexion, but you were determined to make your skin look at least forty. It looks great when it’s forty.

You add a few drops of water to a handful of sugar and then mix it in granulated pulp with your hand. Then you rub mess on your face and throat while in the shower.

When you take a shower, you leave the scrub so that alpha-hydroxy acids work their magic, and then you rinse well. The result is silky smooth skin that is much clearer.

Forget fancy exaggerated creams with showy names in pretty bottles. If you want a facial cleanser that will revitalize your complexion, then there is nothing more than your pantry. Sugar Where It Is, Baby!