Best places to book hostels in Thailand


Thailand is a stunning vacation spot for all kinds of travelers. From beautiful sandy beaches, tropical islands to bustling cities one can just experience the best of everything. Thailand is popularly known as the land of smiles due to the warm hospitality provided by the locals. The place doesn't disappoint anyone be it someone looking for a 5-star hotel stay or budget seeking a stay.

Places to book hostels in

  • Bangkok- The city is Thailand’s bustling capital and the colorful city attracts tourists from all over the world. Hostel in Thailand is majorly available in Bangkok as the city makes one experience all from historic sites to an active nightlife.
  • Phuket- Thailand’s unique island Paradise is just not about beaches or luxury resorts. Phuket is also known for its Arabian and Chinese cultures the colorful blend attracts tourists.
  • Chiang Rai- The city is closely located in the north, the hipster paradise is known for the creative trendy crafts and stylish restaurants.
  • Ko Samui- A Thai Tropical Island welcomes tourists from all over the world as it provides a different experience to stay around a virgin rainforest surrounded by tall palm trees. Youngsters love this place as they can party on the beach and get drenched in the sun getting a massage done.
  • Krabi – The Island is located towards the south and is known for the lush green landscapes. The perfect place to stay for travelers who have an adrenaline rush.

One can get the best experience by staying at these places.