How The Capsule Polishing Machine Works

A capsule polishing machine is a special capsule polishing tool that can effectively remove dust from the capsule surface to improve smoothness and eliminate static electricity. 

Polishing is the final step in the encapsulation process before the capsules are packaged and shipped for purchase by consumers. You can also visit tesequipmentsupplier to find more information about the capsule polisher machine.

capsule polisher machine

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Since this is the last step before your product reaches your customer, they need to come up with a clean final product. The best way to make sure your capsules look their best is to purchase quality capsule polish. It is suitable for all capsule types.

Working principle:

1. The filled capsules by the filling machine are transported to the lower funnel and the capsules are fed into the filter cylinder using a rotating brush that rotates from the funnel inlet;

2. In the sieve cylinder, the capsules are polished and sprinkled with a brush. Capless capsules and separate capsules are returned by the vacuum at the interface of the vacuum cleaner.

3. The brush sends the capsule to the outlet of the cylinder on the screen.


This device is mainly used to quickly remove sticky dust from the surface of the capsules and tablets to clean and thereby improve the surface. 

It is suitable for individuals, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutes, and schools.