Temperature Controlled Storage Containers

Temperature Controlled Storage Containers include portable types of small or large refrigerated containers, which are used to store goods in a cold environment. Portable cold storage containers are available in various sizes and can range from large walk-in refrigerators used in many catering services, down to a small table or bedside fridge.

Businesses ranging from small catering to large food enterprises can benefit from this cold storage facility. There are cold storage containers for all your individual purposes. You can also hire and buy cool rooms at Coolroom Hire Perth for your home-based business. Portable units are designed for continuous use.

If the container has been unloaded its cargo and must be transported to another location while it was empty, container transport costs are often considered to be higher than its value. This means that it is more cost-effective to be filled with new cargo that is unloaded immediately after the original cargo.

Cold storage containers are ideal for products or items that require a certain temperature and just some of the items they are used to store and transport will include;

• Pharmaceutical and veterinary vaccines

• Wine and beer

• Seafood and meat

• Plastic and resin

• Soft furnishings

• Vegetables and fruit

Due to high voltage, these units are potentially dangerous. They are airtight and can operate in temperatures that are potentially dangerous. Anyone using containers must be made aware of health and safety issues and the customer is responsible for taking appropriate action.