Plastic Pallets Achieve Supply Chain Efficiency

One desire of every business owner is to have an efficient supply chain. The goal is always to reduce overhead costs and to benefit directly over their competitors in the industry. Millions of these owners never managed to achieve efficiencies in their supply chain. However, this is possible with plastic pallets. Let’s find out some ways in which this palette helps in having the desired results.

The long-term cost savings: While it is fine to use wooden pallets from a reliable supplier, long-term costs can be saved considerably by using plastic pallets, especially if your supply chain is closed-loop. Collection of pallets at the end of the closed-loop supply chain is a common practice.

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So, in such a case using plastic pallets helps immensely because of the durability factor. While a wooden pallet will last only 3-5 years, the lifespan of a plastic pallet is over a decade which means huge savings for you in the long run.

Leaves no scope for injuries: In a supply chain, injuries are common during loading or unloading of goods. Sometimes, when injuries are grave, deaths are also caused leading to giving away compensation and unfortunate delays in supply of goods.

A big chunk of such injuries is caused because of an accidental pallet breakage or sharp edges of these pallets. With plastic pallets, there is no scope for injuries because these have smooth edges and a body without any metallic reinforcements. Also, these do not break like wooden ones due to their formation by injection molding.