What You Can Do With Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have so many uses especially on all occasions where flower arrangement is needed. The most common use of dried flowers is so numerous, like; decorating in wreaths, gift packages, masks, hats, candles, stationery, or in creating unique pictures or picture frames. You can also buy 'dried flowers' (also known as 'gedroogde bloemen' in the Dutch language) from an online store.

Things you can do with dried flowers

The uses of flowers are seemingly endless. They can be used to decorate in all aspects of beautification such as; home, school, wedding, programs, floral arrangements, and lots more.

Detailed uses of dried flowers

Picture frames. With the use of a brush dipped in glue, attach flowers to an unusual paper until they're dried. When totally dried up, you can now form the picture frame in any design you want.

Lampshade. To decorate your lampshade, attach the flowers with the use of glue. Before the glue dries up, place a semi-transparent rice paper over the lampshade and pat a layer of diluted glue over the paper.

Flower arrangement. With the use of a rubber band, fasten them and wrap them with brown craft paper, and secured them with twine. Your finished flower arrangement can be used as your centerpiece or simply hang them from your door.

Candle decoration. Using glue, apply them at the backside of each flower, press them gently onto the candle. To firmly lay them on the candle, wrap them with a waxed paper, and hold fix with tape to hold them in place.

Window decor. Decorate your curtains with dried flowers on the corners of the curtain rods. Choose the ones that go with the style and match the color of your interior design.