How To Select Cigar For Gifting

If you are giving cigars as a gift, it could be tempting to purchase an entire box of those. If one is good, more must be better, right? Generally yes, but not necessarily with cigars. 

Presenting cigars  is the best option for those who know for sure what brand and kind of cigar the receiver likes to smoke. Cigars come in several distinct tastes and strengths, and something as straightforward as ring dimensions (how thick a cigar is) may have a large effect on how they taste.


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Labels, manufacturers, places — all of them influence taste accordingly, so if you don't understand the individual's taste exactly, a box of cigars may prove to be a significant disappointment. They will be stuck with a whole group of cigars they will not like smoking, but will not wish to give away from concern for your feelings.

A smarter approach is to obtain a cigar sampler or cigar gift collection. All these are little collections of 5-10 cigars offered as a package. They are popular with fresh cigar smokers since they help them locate a new design that suits them and they are popular with seasoned smokers since they are a simple way to break out of a rut and research something new.

Samplers and gift collections are simple to discover. They are all around the net and a lot of big cigar manufacturers set out them, such as Macanudo, H. Upmann, Alec Bradley, Cohiba, Rocky Patel, and Drew Estates (famous for ACID Cigars). 

You might even purchase random assortments from large cigar retailers, which include an eclectic mix of brands and styles. The upshot is that even when the individual does not enjoy every cigar at the sampler, they are bound to enjoy some and those are the ones they will remember.