Guide About Good Hemp Tea

Dutch harvesting hemp tea contains CBD and CBDA. This happens naturally at the flax factory.

So yes, it can be called 'CBD tea'. However, we do not extract or process CBD, our tea only contains leaves and natural dry hemp flowers. You can buy best hemp tea via

Hemp Tea Benefits

Besides CBD, there are many other compounds in a flax factory that provides a taste, smell, and effects like terpene. So we prefer to call hemp tea tea, not CBD tea, because it's fair for all the goodness of hemp plants.

‘Hemp tea’ refers to tea that was made of hemp flowers and/or hemp leaves. The word ‘hemp’ is mostly used for the cannabis variety that does not contain THC and that is not psychoactive. Hemp tea does contain CBD and CBDA, especially when it is made from the flowers of hemp.

The THC in hemp tea is negligible. Our tea is made from fiber hemp’. These plants are officially allowed to have a THC content of 0.2%. This is the safety standard within Europe and it is so low that there is absolutely no psychoactive effect on the body.

In our hemp tea, the THC is even much lower than this standard. We measure the THC with every harvest and it is always around 0.01%, 20 times lower than the norm and absolutely safe to use.