How To Identify The Essentials For Your Equipment Rental?

You are in the rental business. Competition is fierce, regulations are tough, and customers can be demanding. What you need is a software solution to support you, but it seems too expensive.

You can't make up your mind because all the features that are important when making an equipment rental decision sound important, but they also add to the cost. They want someone to point out the features you have and should be nice to have.

This is a very difficult decision to make as you need to be able to differentiate between the cleanliness factor and the luxury of your rental equipment management software.

Equipment Rental Software

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Features of software solutions for equipment rental

Project management

Equipment rental companies often go to customers with rental questions that relate to the entire project, not just one piece of equipment. As a result, equipment rental companies have to manage a complex set of equipment that is leased for different periods.

With the project management function in your software rental solution, you receive accurate and up-to-date budget information and actual data for the entire rental project.

Customer relationship management

When renting this equipment, those expectations can turn into special rental packages, discounted on-time payments, convenient location pick-up and boarding, priority service, and a completely personalized experience. Your CRM equipment rental solution can help.

Transportation planning

Transportation planning, logistics from available carriers, and complicated delivery schedules are common in the rental industry. Transportation management is an important aspect of your equipment rental business and your solutions can help you with that.