Lab Safety Tips – Stay Safe And Sound At Your Lab

Following laboratory safety instructions is not only very important for your safety, but also for the safety of everyone around you. Here are simple but very effective tips that you can follow to conduct a laboratory safety audit and make sure everything safe and healthy.

Mercury Safety

Avoid breaking the thermometer that contains mercury in high concentrations, because this dangerous substance can be dangerous for humans and animals.

For safety reasons, use an alcohol thermometer instead of a mercury thermometer. -If you can, use a substitute instead of mercury.

Always place a mercury container as a backup in the second container if the first fails. Don't let mercury come into contact with hot surfaces, because it can evaporate.

Learn how to fill a measuring tube to make your job as easy as possible. Pour other content very slowly into the cylinder to make sure you are filling the right amount of chemicals. Then calculate the level of liquid transferred to the measuring bottle by leveling your eyes.

Smaller measurement gaps in relation to the laboratory can cause self-destruction throughout the process. Also, always maintain a reasonable distance between yourself and the cylinder to avoid accidents, because many people often forget this fact.

If you stand directly above the cylinder when filling, hazardous vapors can be easily breathed. However, because you are level with potentially dangerous liquids, always wear safety glasses if broken or spilled.

Do not eat or drink anything in the laboratory because it can be contaminated with something dangerous.

Always check labels carefully to avoid mixing or touching potentially dangerous chemicals.

Always use goggles and safety gloves when handling potentially hazardous materials.