Benefits Of Polished Concrete Floors For Commercial Premises

More than ever now, architects are defining polished concrete floors for business establishments, as it has become more apparent since the beginning of the century of the incredible, almost unending, variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that can be achieved.

Indeed, the only limitation is the ingenuity of the architect or end customer who can specify anything that they can think of. It is notable much a case of if you can presume it, a skilled constructor can produce it. You can get the services of flawless natural stone sealing via

Polished concrete floors can have patterns etched into them or cut into them with saws, they can have any type of aggregates added at the mixing stage, and these can then be scraped and polished to perfection to match terrazzo.

The cement can have any color added to it, or it can have finished colors resembling stone like marble or granite. For stone floor polish there are various options available these days.

Concrete is by nature porous, but it can have a densifier added to it to harden it. This is normally carried out after the initial stage of grinding the exterior has been carried out and has the effect of interacting with a by-product of concrete named free lime which is provided as the concrete cures.

It fills all the pores in the concrete and results in a surface that is considerably harder than concrete on its own. Another benefit of adding a densifier is that it prevents the concrete from dusting, which is a natural continuing existence with concrete over time.