Dental Implants In Brooklyn- An Effective Solution For Tooth Loss

When teeth are damaged or missing that cannot be repaired due to oral trauma, aging, or poor oral hygiene, cosmetic dentists often use dental implants as the ideal solution. Other treatments such as bridges or dentures are available, but none of them look as natural or effective as implants.

Losing a tooth can cause a person to become self-conscious or embarrassed to smile or speak. Worse, it can interfere with eating habits and lead to biting irregularities or gum pain. best dental implants in Brooklyn, NY offer a simple, permanent solution.

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Dental implants look similar to natural teeth

Cosmetic dentists and patients prefer the appearance of dental implants to other treatments because, if done properly, dental implants will appear indistinguishable from other teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will select the shape and color of your teeth to match your natural teeth, while the implants will hold them in the gum line, just as the roots of the teeth hold the natural teeth in place.

The technical term for dental implants is osseointegration implants, which means that they hold the tooth by attaching it to the bone. While this can be frightening to many people, especially those with low pain tolerance, the process is quite simple.

Dental implants are well tolerated by natural bone

Dental implants that hold teeth are made of titanium or a titanium alloy. Over the years of testing, these ingredients are well tolerated by your natural bones. This means the implant stays in place without damaging or irritating the jawbone.