Airport Pavement Marking Paint – Lines That Last For Lifetime

Pavement marking paint is a liquid upper marking substance used in airport pavement markings, road marking and safety system that is commonly used on roads and highways, as well as warehouses, aircraft maintenance hangars and parking parks.

The airport pavement markings lines are the upper liquid Mark on the airport roadway. This floor sign painting is an improvement, which stems from the Nano Lithium formulation and technology. It is a water-based, environment and has a very low ammonia odor.

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It dries hard, he has a half-gloss finish, and it hardens quickly that offers easy maintenance and lasting protection against direct damage and exposure to the elements. Its physical properties are: 6-month shelf life, viscous liquid available in a myriad of colors, the flashpoint of irrelevance and this airport pavement markings paint has excellent water resistance property for the optimal formulation and durability.

Airport pavement markings paint is a sign of paint that has several advantages over other leading pavement marking paint available on the market. It is formulated as environmentally friendly, solvent-free paint without harmful fumes, odors, and vapors. It is not flammable because it is water-based and is fast curing, making traffic only hours instead of days over the road applications.

The safety data sheet should be read first. Paint chemicals should be kept out of reach of children and personal protective equipment must be worn especially safety glasses and rubber gloves when applying the paint. Protect the chemical paint, it will become unstable and the quality deteriorates quickly.

Do not apply this paint signature on the floor of soft metal or glass materials. Use a sprayer or roller to apply over the entire free surface of the dirt, dust, grease, and oil. It is recommended to blow air or vacuum surfaces before application. It is not recommended to use the coating signature paint containing lithium silicates already applied surfaces with silicone sealants.