Need to Know About Visas

The word "visa" is of Latin origin; it is a term that refers to the "paper that has been seen." Merriam Webster defines a visa as a document issued by the immigration authorities of this region which shows that a person legally authorized to enter the other relative territory.

Typically, this authorization comes in the form of a stamp endorsed in the passport of the applicant. This visa is also governed by certain provisions such as the conditions and duration of stay, validity dates, etc. If you are traveling to Russia then you should need a visa. You can know about the procedure to get a visa to Russia from

What is the Purpose of Visa?

Visa merely an authorization to enter or exit a particular country. Visa mainly control measures from the authorities of the host country to verify the identity of people in and out of the area before the entry of actual or exit of individuals.

Different Types of Visa

Most countries have policies and guidelines revolve around their visas differently. Usually, there are several categories of visas. Typical types and names of visa include the following:

Transit Visa: From the name itself, this type is usually valid for five days and issued to applicants who literally just going to pass or stop in the country to its next destination.

Tourist Visa: This type is solely for the convenience of their own journey. Strictly no business agenda allowed.

Student Visa: This is a category that serves students who will live in a foreign country for the purpose of education.

Work Visa: Issued to workers who have been approved jobs in host countries.

Business Visa: Granted to foreign individuals who will be involved in the trade in the region.

Marriage Visa: Special authorizations granted to individuals before the time of their marriage was intended to host nationals.

Spousal Visa: Granted to the civil partners of citizens for the purpose they both can be together in the host nation.