Why is Scorpion Venom So Expensive? Heres what you need to know

The element contained in scorpion venom is not only used to meet its threats the substance is very useful in medicine. 

In the lab, scientists are finding out that venomous proteins can be used in medicine. Researchers have had success, for example, in using scorpion venom to treat brain tumours in humans. Instead of causing harm to healthy nerve and muscle cells, venom such as chlorotoxin can be used to block signals from cancer cells. If you want to get more information about scorpion venom, you can navigate to https://legalvenom.com/

scorpian venom

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In order to get the venom out of a scorpion, it is most often stroked by hand – without hurting them. It is a very slow process, a process that picks up a derisory amount: in each session, one picks up about 2 milligrams of poison. 

Working round the clock with just a single scorpion, it would take roughly 100,000 years (assuming said scorpion is a reliable producer capable of yielding a respectable . 3mg per milking.)

Scorpion venom is so expensive because its venom is very useful in medicine and it is the most important substance of much research doing all around the world. Also, the venom is hard to get. Deathstalkers are almost always milked by hand, one by one.

Currently, some researchers are developing a machine capable of extracting the poison from several scorpions at the same time, in order to speed up the process.