Identifying Shisha Parts That Are Important For Your Shisha

Understanding how each shisha part functions can effectively help you improve the way you smoke your shisha for better & longer sessions.

Let us dive into the major parts of shisha so that you can enhance your hookah shisha smoking experience. You can also look for the shisha parts online through the web.

shisha accessories

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Parts of a shisha

1- Shisha Bowl:

The shisha bowl is one of the most and important main parts of shisha for you to be able to use your water pipe properly. The shisha bowl is what holds your shisha tobacco in place for you to be able to smoke your hookah shisha pipe. 

2 – Shisha Tray:

The shisha tray is another part of the shisha pieces that are vital for your shisha pipe. The shisha tray is what protects your surroundings when smoking shisha and also acts as a charcoal holder throughout your session. 

3 – Shisha Stem:

The shisha stem is the centerpiece of your shisha and the main functioning shisha part for your complete shisha setup. The top part of your shisha stem is called the bowl port where your shisha bowl sits atop firmly.

4 – Shisha Base:

The shisha base is another important part of your shisha pipe for obvious reasons. The shisha base is what holds your entire setup together and is essentially the carrier of your shisha smoke. 

 5 – Shisha Hose:

This shisha part is fairly simple and the easiest to explain for obvious reasons. The shisha hose is the part that you carry in your hands and inhale smoke from.