Hire Rooftop Solar Service Providers

Energy consumption calculation

Your solar service provider on the roof monitors energy consumption. The amount of energy required depends on the load that must be resisted.

The load is calculated every day. Wh (device power, number of devices, hours of operation) is converted to kWh/day. The energy consumption of all devices is calculated separately and together.  

At this point, rooftop solar power plant planners are trying to identify devices that consume more energy. There has never been a better or easier time to switch to solar. You can also get quote here about solar equipments.

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Lists are created and customers are encouraged to remove unnecessary and obsolete equipment to reduce investment in the solar system.

Solar module dimensions

Only a professional solar power plant planner can determine the number of modules to be installed. They calculate the energy consumption of each device and determine the exact number of solar modules required for installation.

Teams of designers and engineers estimate the performance of each panel. If there is insufficient roof space, planners can review loads to identify critical loads and recommend solar power with battery backup to ensure critical loads continue to be powered after a power outage.

According to professional and experienced rooftop solar companies in India, your solar panel size can be reached in 5 easy steps –

• Site research

• Calculation of the amount of available solar energy

• Calculation of energy requirements

• Project scope

• Solar module dimensions