How to Fix Golf Slice Shots Fast

Do you hit slice shots? I have worked with many golfers at my golf school who do, and it could be argued that the golf slice is the Achilles heel of the average golfer. I don’t think there is anything worse than standing over a ball knowing that your golf ball will curve off to the right field with the vengeance of a swarm of angry hornets.

I bet that you sometimes wish that there was anti-slicing golf swing software that you could install that was guaranteed to straighten the worst golf slice you could hit? Well, I have not invented the golf swing software yet, but I do have a simple anti-slicing golf swing system that will straighten the most vicious slice shot you have.

In this article, I will explain to you the step-by-step procedure that you need to fix golf slice shots fast, which will lead to a lot more golf confidence and lower golf scores. But first, I need to explain a couple of simples to understand concepts that will get us off on the right foot.

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There are no straight lines in a golf swing

I have read in golf instruction books where they suggested that you should move the golf club in a straight line towards the target for an extended period after the golf ball is struck.

If you have read this, or believe this, then you need to rethink this one. If you swing the golf club towards the target after your golf ball has departed from the clubface you will more than likely hit the ground behind the ball, greatly reduce the distance of your shot, and hit your shots with a big slice.