Packing List for Philippines


The popularity of Philippines tourism industry seems to be on the rise especially for the past few years. Visiting Philippines gives you the perfect opportunity to visit some of the best islands and beaches, try foods that aren’t only weird to look at but also delicious, shopping at malls to local markets, etc. The only drawback or mistakes many travelers tend to make is by not paying attention when it comes to their packing. If this is your first time traveling to Philippines, then these are some of the items you should include.

  1. Toiletries – Let’s start with the basics and that is toiletries. Since, the climate of Philippines is on the humid side, you may want to get items that areprotecting your skin. Sunscreen, deodorant, mosquito repellent, hand sanitizers are some of the toiletry items you should include.
  2. Underwater Camera – if you wish to spend more time in watersport activities, then you may want to consider leaving your expensive DSLR’s at home. Invest in an action camera that is small in size but also waterproof to capture those memorable moments.
  3. Shoes – You need to carry a good pair of walking shoes if you’re going to explore hills and islands to protect your feet. You can bring flip-flops but they are only good while walking around the beaches.
  4. Waterproof Bag – Another handy item to bring along is a waterproof bag especially if you’re going to spend more time experiencing water-sporting activities. This type of bag will keep your phone, wallet in a safe manner.

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