The Importance Of Vitamins In Child Development

Breast milk and infant formula contain all the nutrients needed for proper development of your child. They contain protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. As your baby grows, these nutrients are supplied by a varied and balanced diet. To get more information about vitamins for children(it is also known as “vitamiinid lastelein Estonian language) you can search the browser.

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Discover in detail the use of each nutrient in the growth of your baby.

Soft drinks in small doses

For drinks, only water is very important for your child. However, the juice can be offered from time to time to extend the range of tastes. Generally, fresh fruit juice contains nutrients: vitamins and minerals, in particular.

Zinc, an essential trace element for growth

Zinc is essential for developing the natural defense system and is involved in various enzymatic reactions. It is essential for the harmonious growth of children and is found primarily in meat, dairy products, but also in cereals. Involved in the development of the immune system and thereby contribute to the proper functioning of the child's natural defenses. 

Carbohydrates, fuels the body

Carbohydrates provide the energy our bodies need every day to function properly. Foods that contain natural sugars should be eaten every day. However, it is advisable to limit the intake of added sugar, such as cake or chocolate, for example!

Fiber: indigestible complex carbohydrates

Soluble fibers have a prebiotic effect on the health of the intestinal flora and stimulate the absorption of calcium. Moreover, some of them contribute to the consistency of a good seat. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber. In fact, the plant cell wall is very rich in fiber. It is one of the reasons that should be consumed each day, plus they provide vitamins and minerals.