Why Psychological Trauma Is Difficult To Identify?

Studies have shown that 30-60% of primary care visits are trauma-based. Despite the major service providers, we have our best interests in mind, awareness of trauma and PTSD is a relatively new phenomenon. That's why for most medical professionals, this is unknown territory.

The fact is that trauma-related diseases are prevalent but remain relatively hidden or obscured. The brain-based medical condition of the brain has a complex symptom and this only complicates their identification. It is heartbreaking for medical professionals to watch patients struggle and manage symptoms that do not seem to go away. To get trauma counseling in Nanaimo, you may visit https://www.therapyplace.ca/emdr-for-trauma-and-ptsd.

The biggest hurdle in identifying unique diseases is that when an emotional trauma or a series of traumatic events occur, impaired memory processing. So even if the individual is experiencing acute trauma, they may not even fully remember how it affects them. Often, people remember the experience of the past but can not connect emotionally or cognitively. So they do not know that the experience seriously affects their lives today.

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Professionals have noticed that certain symptoms/diagnoses are more often given to individuals who then find that they suffer from diseases related to trauma. Hopefully, as you can, you may notice that someone close to you or you have set this wrong diagnosis but treatment has not been entirely successful. You may very well be one of those people who are struggling with trauma-related illnesses but do not even know it.

But you should consider pursuing a second opinion regarding your current health status. Be sure to consult a professional who specializes in trauma counseling. Generalist in the mental health field is not likely to see a lot of trauma patients. They tend to be fully aware of the research and treatment of innovations.